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A construction site of sounds. Electronics interacting with mechanics, sounds with movement. The filigree contructions of three installation elements provide a static counterpoint to the partially wild movements of the mechanics and the unusual sounds of Theremins.

The individual Theremin in each installation element works electronically and provides an electromagnetical field which can be influenced by the dynamic body-capacity of the spectator. The spectator transforms into an actor.
A kinetic system moves a lever gear governed mainly by the sound level through a microphone sensor. The lever gear moves an antenna plate towards the electromagnetic field. By that the dynamic capacity of the Theremin is changed and consequently the system reacts with a changing sound pattern. After that the sensor governed mechanic also reacts and generates a new flow of movements and by that again changes in the sound pattern.

The three parts (installation elements) of the system communicate and interact with each other and also with the viewer (actor). They quarrel and struggle, calm down, harmonize, and settle to sleep. Continuously new, unpredictable sound patterns emerge. All three parts of the system may even react to the faintest change in their environment and a weak current of air may be sufficient to make them roar as well as a spectator may cause this effect by his dynamic body capacity.

Dynamic Capacities on YouTube

Dynamic Capacities, 1998
sound installation, L x W x H (cm): 250 x 50 x 220