Modulator # 1 , 1997

steel, wood, televisions, camera, mirrors, controller, sensors, pneumatic components, air compressor

L x W x H (cm): 600 x 150 x 220

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© bjoern schuelke 2019

Modulator # 1 generates a completely new, non-retrievable TV „Live-Show“ by merging at random fragments from two different „genuine“ ongoing live telecastings. The thinking behind is to convert the countless and simultaneous daily TV-Shows in their often boring variety into a new visual and acoustic adventure. This is achieved by using sensors reacting to the continuous change of light intensity and sound volume and modulations emitted by the two telecastings. A complex moving mirror system governed by these sensors is then continuously scanned by a camera absorbing these new information structures and processing the result to an output - monitor. In contrast to the „Light Modulator“ by Lazlo Moholy-Nagy, which at random converts light impulses from the surrounding space MODULATOR # 1 generates continuously new forms and structures from two live telecastings. It works completely autonomously and all it produces is unique and cannot be repeated. Thus MODULATOR # 1 is the shredding and recycling machine to dispose of the mostly indigestible high-tech „Super-Highlights“ of our current TV-culture.